Why do I believe "the power of continuation" in yoga practice? 

The answer is not simple, and I cannot say that my belief applies to everybody because everybody has a different lifestyle.


Everybody has a different body structure.

Everybody has a different yoga practice background. 


Although that being said, I feel the power of yoga when I practice more often than once a week. 


I feel that I know myself better, and I feel much stronger, softer and lighter when I practice 5 days a week compared to once a week.  


I believe that I receive the gifts from my yoga practice much more when I practice continuously. 


If you are a yoga teacher, this means a lot.

Continuous practice gives you a good understanding of your students, and you can guide your class with confidence. 

How can you develop your continuity? 

Simple is best!


If you have never done self-practice, you can start “Pranayama” = “ Breathing Exercise”.

Let’s start to sit on the mat for 5 minutes. 


Once you feel comfortable doing that, then you can incorporate some movements in your routine.

I always guide my class followed by breathing exercise, warm up, more dynamic movements, then cooling down. 


Start from a small amount, so you also can gain your confidence without discouraging yourself!

It is my pleasure to support your yoga journey.

Whatever works for me to deepen my yoga practice, I always share it with you! 


Online Class vs In- Person Class?

There are benefits for both online and offline yoga classes!

Online class maybe for you if you would say “YES!” for following questions.

  • If you are living in a town where is no yoga studios.

  • If you are a busy person, who can't travel to a studio.

  • If you have a small child/ children.

  • If you are reluctant to attend a studio class.

  • If you want to practice for less than 60 min.

During the class, Yoh is fully engaged to each student practice. If you concern about being out of focus from your practice- No worries!