Yoh is doing yoga


Yoh is a dedicated yogi, a mother of two small children and a passionate yoga facilitator who loves and appreciates once's sharing her yoga journey.

She has practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga since 2004 in Japan and Canada with multiple authorized teachers.

After several years of teaching in yoga studios, Yoh has started realizing that online yoga class is a more convenience way for someone who wants personalized and professional instruction in yoga but can’t, for whatever reason, attend studio classes. 

Yoh currently teaches community based classes in the Okanagan in BC, and affordable interactive online yoga classes.

Her classes are structured for anyone who wants to explore their yoga journey. The classes allow for the body to fulfill its full range of motion and to develop strength and balance by applying breathing technique  in a peaceful atmosphere. 

If you have body stiffness...

Yoh's class is structured for every body types. Your practice is for yourself. Let's give some time to treat yourself and improve your health. 

If you like playing sports, Yoh's class is the best way for self maintaining and improving your body and mind. 

Are you interested in learning Japanese as practicing yoga?

If you are interested in Japanese language and culture, this class is perfect for you.

I normally guide class in Japanese and English.

You can start understanding some phrases and vocabularies as you practice with me regularly.


Online Class vs In- Person Class?

There are benefits for both online and offline yoga classes!

Online class maybe for you if you would say “YES!” for following questions.

  • If you are living in a town where is no yoga studios.

  • If you are a busy person, who can't travel to a studio.

  • If you have a small child/ children.

  • If you are reluctant to attend a studio class.

  • If you want to practice for less than 60 min.

During the class, Yoh is fully engaged to each student practice. If you concern about being out of focus from your practice- No worries!