Really thoughtful guidance!

With Yoh's smooth guidance, I was able to move very comfortably!

The balance between guidance and flow was just right. There are things that you can see online morning yoga just by broadcasting, but

Yoh will take a closer look, so it

is recommended for beginners as well as advanced students. 

No comparison to Youtube online yoga! 

I usually practice on Youtube, thus I was worried that I can practice properly, but Yoh always gives me advices by seeing my practice! I am always able to enjoy her yoga sessions with all my heart.

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 8.12.35 PM.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-08-13 at 2.33.31 PM.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 2.03.39 PM.jpeg

It does not feel like
online class!

After her class, my body is light and it feel my core more. Also, until I took Yoh's classes, I was thinking that turning on the camera would make my body nervous, but Yoh's guide wasn't worried at all!

I love the way Yoh guide us.

 I've always wanted to take Yoh's meditation class!

Yoh's voice was also pleasant, and I was able to concentrate on meditation. 

Meditation class is more than meditation.

I love Yoh's meditation open class,

Yoh's English came in smoothly and I felt like I was abroad for a moment!