Terms of Service

(1) These Terms apply to online yoga classes and in- person class clients (referred to as clients) provided by Yoga With Yoh.

(2) Yoga With Yoh may change this agreement at any time without obtaining the prior consent of the client within a reasonable range. At that time, the changes will be notified to the client through the Yoga With Yoh website, the Acuity Scheduling System, and through e-mail and LINE official.

(3) Yoga With Yoh shall notify the client to the e-mail address and LINE account declared to Yoga With Yoh, and the notification will reach the client at the time of transmission.
If there is a change in the contact information, the client shall promptly inform the information to Yoga With Yoh. Yoga With Yoh is not responsible for any situation such as  missing messages from Yoga With Yoh. 

(4) The dates and times are based on US Pacific Standard Time (UTC-800, UTC-700). 

Client Contract:
(1) The client has to pay fees and other expenses will be paid by the method specified by Yoga With Yoh. An online class client contract (referred to as "client contract") shall be established by sending a completion email from Yoga With Yoh to the applicant.

(2) The applicant shall comply with the following matters.

A. It is the applicant's responsibility to make sure that the internet connection is strong enough to attend the class. 
B. If you are sick, pregnant, or have any other physical problems or disabilities, consult your doctor in advance and obtain permission to take a yoga class.

(3) Yoga With Yoh can cancel or suspend the client membership by following reasons without compensation,

A. The client does not exist or is likely to do so. If there is a possibility that multiple applications may be made by the same person.

B. If the client already have had the experience of suspension of the client membership by Yoga With Yoh (including those other than online) in the past. 

C. When the client provides the wrong information.  

D. If the client has neglected to pay the monthly membership fee or other expenses at the time of applying for the client contract, or if the client has neglected to pay any fee to Yoga With Yoh in the past.
E. If the credit card is invalidated by the card company or if there is a problem with the payment.



(1) You can start taking online classes when the confirmation email is sent.
(2) You shall be able to take the online group classes for one month from the date of confirmation email is sent. 
(3) The client contract shall be automatically renewed for one month under the same conditions.
(4) If you do not wish to renew the subscription, you shall notify  the last available date by the method specified by Yoga With Yoh. Upon receiving this notification, the client contract will expire.
(5) Only one device can be used for one person for the class. 
(6) Yoga With Yoh shall not be responsible for participation by anyone other than the applicant.


(1) Even if you are absent, Yoga With Yoh shall not make any compensation.
(2) If there is a reasonable reason such as the instructor is not able to teach, Yoga With Yoh will post it on the Yoga With Yoh web page or the client before the class starts. 
(3) If it is extremely difficult to provide a class due to communication failure, server failure, political situation, earthquake, tsunami, natural disaster or other unavoidable reason, Yoga With Yoh can cancel the class without prior notice to the client. Cancellation and other appropriate measures may be taken.

(4) If you book a private session, you need to inform your cancellation/ rescheduling 10 hours prior. 

Prohibited acts:
(1) You must not perform the following acts when attending an online class.

A. Transferring or renting the right to take an online class to someone other than the applicant.

B. Use, copy or reprint contents, video, image, audio of the online class and all other videos, images, sounds, trademarks, logos related to the online class to a third party other than Yoh with Yoh without the permission.

C. Other acts in violation of laws and regulations.
D. Use the yoga classes for other reasons than self practice. 

E. Verbal abuse, threatening or intimidating behavior by SNS Other acts of harassment, solicitation for religion, political activities, etc. 

F. Taking online classes during injury, pregnancy, or other inappropriate conditions; however, this does not apply with the permission of the doctor.
G. Not following the instructions during the class. 
H. Multiple registrations by a client. Using multiple devices for one client. 
I.  Posting or speaking a comment that is not related to the content of the online class by SNS and/or other tools. 
J. Others that Yoga With Yoh decides inappropriate. 

Personal information: 

(1) Personal information such as a name and an e-mail address provided to Yoga With Yoh, conversations of the client during the online class, inquiry contents, posted contents, images or images including the portrait and voice of the client shall be collected as recorded online classed.
(2) Yoga With Yoh shall use the information for the following purposes, and the client shall agree in advance.


A. Accepting applications, verifying identity, providing other services related to online classes, responding to inquiries, sending direct mails and e-mails from Yoga With Yoh.

B. Developing better services. 

C. Communicating to the client who doesn't conduct this terms.  

D. Notifying any changes to the agreement, etc.
E. Yoga With Yoh public relations (printed materials and videos by Yoga With Yoh) 


(3) If you do not want to use your portrait in public relations activities of Yoga with Yoh, you must be separately reported to the Yoga with Yoh.

You agrees that Yoga With Yoh will not be liable for any issues with following matters; however, this does not apply if Yoga With Yoh is intentional or negligent.
A. The class could not be attended by the actions resulting from the misconduct of unauthorized access by other third parties to the registration of a client.
B. The registered name and password forgotten or lost.
C. You or other third party is injured, sick, damaged.
D. Problems between the clients.