Yoh is teaching online yoga class


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If your circumstance doesn't allow to attend studio yoga classes, this Zoom Yoga Class is perfect for you.

Group Yoga Class Subscription

CAD$65 per month

  • CAD$10 OFF for the first month

  • Recorded classes are sent after each class​

  • Free follow up is available via Email, Instagram, and or Text

  • Free 30 min Private Session for those yogis subscribe over 3 month. ( one session per year)

  • Free Seasonal yoga class videos 


Q: Can beginners attend classes?
A: Yes! Beginners are more than welcome!

Q: What is the class level and style of yoga?
A: Simple flow type yoga. 


Q: Can I join the class late and/or leave the class early?
A: Yes, but the class will be canceled if no one shows up for the first 10 min of the class. 

Q: Should I turn on my camera?
It is your choice. If you want Yoh to check your asanas, Camera-on is recommended. Yoh might speak to those yogis their camera is on during the class. 

Q: How can I cancel the subscription?
You can change/ cancel your subscription via the email   (subject: Successful Payment) sent from Yoga With Yoh as you subscribed the package. 

What you need:

  • Space to unroll your yoga mat

  • Yoga mat

  • Zoom or Face Time Application ( Download Zoom )

  • Good Internet connection

  • PC or Tablet (ie: iPad) with a camera and a speaker

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