Yoh is teaching yoga for online class


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As a mama yogi, I have gone through some challenging phases in terms of my yoga practice, if you feel you need to have a mentor for your practice, I am here for you.

This class is suitable...


  • If you are not happy about your current practice.

  • If you want to deepen and/or customize your practice.

  • If you don't have time to take any class, yet need some mentoring for your practice.

  • If you feel your practice is "stuck".

$ 45 

per session (45 min)

What you need:

  • Space to unroll your yoga mat if you would like to ask about asanas

  • Yoga mat if needed

  • Zoom or Face Time Application Download Zoom 

  • Good Internet connection

  • PC or Tablet (ie: iPad) with a camera and a speaker

Yoh and his son practice yoga