Internet Connection:

All the online classes are used by Zoom. Installing Zoom application is recommended. ( Free application)



Only you and your family members who are living with the applicants can participate in the online group class.

Only one device per house for classes. 

How to participate: 

You will receive an unique Zoom link as they book a class. You can join a class 10 min prior to start.  


Camera-on or off?:

It is your choice. If you want Yoh to check your asanas, Camera-on is recommended. Yoh might speak to those yogis their camera is on during the class. 


Be careful of injuries:

Unlike in-person yoga classes, I cannot provide detailed guidance to each student including hands-on adjustments.

Please pay enough attention how you practice. 

Please do not look at the screen in an unreasonable position during the class.

Understand your injuries and personality and try to move within a reasonable range.

Yoh is not responsible for any injuries before, during and after a class.


Internet connection is good?: 

Using Data is not recommended to join Zoom. Wifi or LAN cable is recommended. 

I also recommend that you use the large device possible. 

Cancellation for drop-in group class students:

Online group class is not refundable, but recorded class is available if you cannot make the class or rescheduling is available 2 hours prior to class. 

Cancellation for private online class students:

Online private class is not refundable, you can transfer the credit to your friend or reschedule in 24 hours advance. 

Cancellation for Group Class Subscription: 

You can change/ cancel your subscription via the email   (subject: Successful Payment) sent from Yoga With Yoh as you subscribed the package. 

**** As you apply Cancel Subscription,  you will not be able to take classes from the day of cancellation. Please note that the monthly amount paid will not be refunded.****

Example: If you apply from January 5th and cancel on March 10th → There is no refund for the monthly fee for March

Follow-up service via email/text:

If you subscribe on line group class, you are able to ask questions via email or text. 

Yoh might offer you Private session depending on your questions.  


Free 30 minute private session:

If you subscribe on line group class more than 3 month, you are able to book one Free 30 min private session/ per 12 months. Please contact Yoh directly to schedule a session.