English and Japanese Interactive Zoom Yoga Classes

The bridge to re-connect yourself

Yoga is not magic but it can be a tool for you to be healthy and happy!
I always guide my classes with this mindset. 

Yoga is for “every body type”.
There is nothing special needed for your practice.

Your practice is for yourself.
Let’s begin your yoga journey with me now.

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Do you have any body stiffness?

Do you want to improve your performance if you enjoy sports?

Yoh's class is structured for every body types. Your practice is for yourself. Let's give some time to treat yourself and improve your health. 

If you like playing sports, Yoh's class is the best way for self maintaining and improving your body and mind. 

Are you interested in learning Japanese as practicing yoga?

If you are interested in Japanese language and culture, this class is perfect for you.

I normally guide group classes in Japanese and English.

You can start understanding some phrases and vocabularies as you practice with me regularly.


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Online Private Session

Customizing and developing your practice to understand your body and mind even better. All levels are welcome! 

Yoh is teaching online group yoga

If your circumstance doesn't allow to attend studio yoga classes, this Zoom Group Yoga Class is perfect for you. Your little ones are always welcome.

Online Group
Lesson Schedule

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Having a plenty of  physical adjustments and personalized sequences are the biggest benefit for this sessions!

In-person Private & Group Lesson

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A yogi, a mother, a wife, and a yoga facilitator

Yoh is a dedicated yogi, a mother of two small children and

a passionate yoga facilitator who loves and appreciates

once's sharing her yoga journey.


After a career of twenty plus years of competitive dance in Japan,

Yoh discovered that the body required servicing and immersed

herself in yoga as a way to treat her repetitive injuries from dance.

Yoga has been her tool to cultivate a neutral balance between body and mind. She has practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga since

2004 in Japan and Canada.


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I have never able to maintain my yoga routine until I started Yoh's class. Yoh always observe my practice carefully through the class, and I always feel more relaxed and lighter after her class! 


Megumi (Kelowna)


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