A bit more about me

Teaching Experiences

My teaching journey started when my son was a year old. I always wanted to share my passion with other yogis, yet didn't have the courage to follow my inner voice. After my family encouraged me tremendously to pursue my teaching path, and when my younger one didn't need to be breastfed anymore, I took my 250 hours teacher training in a studio. I also started teaching for the Japanese community, and for a alternative medicine clinic in Toronto, ON.

Teaching community- based classes is very dear to my heart. I believe that teaching yoga does not have to be limited to studio classes. In the world, there are many people who want to practice with guidance and with two- way interaction, but can't get to the studio. 

I live now in Kelowna, BC where I teach online live public classes, private group sessions. 


Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!

Completed Trainings

Yoh is a certified yoga instructor

Ashtanga Immersion Program (100 hours) with David Robson in 2012
Yoga Tree Teacher Training (250 hours) with Jason Lu and Karin Charuz in 2016
Mommy and Baby Yoga course in 2016
Kino MacGregor Hand Adjusting Workshop in 2018
Cyndi Lee Restorative Online Teacher Training in 2019

Jason Crandell Injury Management Training in 2020 

Joe Miller Sequencing Training in 2021

Monica Gauci Back Bend Workshop in 2021
Current Standard First Aid & CPR Certificate