One of the most powerful aspects of yoga is synchronizing breathing and movement. Want to learn how?

Breath and Movement


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Online Private Session

Customizing and developing your practice to understand your body and mind even better. All levels are welcome! 

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Beginner friendly simple flow group class. ​Monthly subscription is available if you want to receive more personal supports for your practice. Class is guided by English and Japanese.

Online Group
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Having a plenty of  physical adjustments and personalized sequences are the biggest benefit for this sessions!

In-person Private & Group Lesson

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"Continuity is the father of success"
Developing your continuation is the key to cultivate your practice and be a dedicated yogi.

Why do I emphasize ‘the power of continuation’ in yoga practice? 


Because I feel the power of yoga when I practice more often than once a week. 


I feel that I know myself better, and I feel much stronger and softer when I practice 5 days a week compared to once a week.  


I can state that I receive the gifts from my yoga practice much more when I dedicate my practice continuously. 


If you are a yoga teacher, this means a lot. Continuous practice gives you a good understanding of your students, and you can guide your class with confidence. 

Easy access to everybody. This is YOUR practice. 

 I always guide my class followed by breathing exercise, warm up, more dynamic movements, then cooling down. 

" Simple movements to more complex movements"

Each student has choices for him/her practice. That way everybody can practice their own unique pace. 


Yoh’s class is beyond asana practice! Her class is filled with positive vibes and I can feel her passion for yoga. 


I now have self confidence because of the continuation of my practice with Yoh! Thanks Yoh! 


My body is visually fit now. I also feel my posture is better and no fear for injury since I started practicing with Yoh. 


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